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The Wizardess

You are a dreamer, a trailblazer, a visionary. You’re a seeker of integrity and morality and usually responsible, hard-working. Your principles and values guide everything you do. Your desire for integrity can lead you to having judgmental behaviors, self-righteousness, and/or perfectionism.

You are wise, steadfast, diligent, strive to be good and are improvement-oriented, and because you work hard on achieving your goals, you have the power to transform visions into reality. Your love for order, attention to details and meticulousness are great assets when it comes to creativity.  You’re an expert at generating ideas, you just need to push yourself a little to execute them into reality.

Since you like to focus on the execution of ideas, you usually don’t enjoy the messy middle part of art-making. Remember that creativity is about the journey. Focus on experimenting without following any rules. Approach the process with curiosity and compassion and keep going even when your creation doesn’t match your idea. Keep in mind that not everything you create has to serve a purpose and be useful, and that it can be good even if it’s not perfect.

Give yourself space and time for play and relaxation. It might be hard at first, but doing this can lead to inspiration, breakthroughs, and a deeper sense of meaning. Invite more trust, flexibility and patience into your creative work. Good things take time to grow.

Be gentle with yourself: you’re doing an amazing job!

Creative suggestion for you: Put a 30 minute timer where you allow yourself to create freely, without letting your inner critic get in the way. Relax, be present, be kind to yourself, loosen up and express your passion! The key here is to be patient, and allow yourself to make mistakes. Remember: done is better than perfect.

Affirmation: “I do the best I can and doing my best is enough”

Stretch your creative muscles by: making and coloring your own mandalas - growing edible flowers

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