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The Stargazer

You are highly creative, quirky and passionate. You present a unique, distinctive persona and are always striving for greater self-knowledge and authenticity. You are idealistic, original, intense and a deep feeler. On the downside, you can be self-absorbed, moody and melancholic.


You are exceptionally self-aware and compassionate. You have a rich, vast emotional world that can be an amazing source of inspiration. You usually have unconventional lifestyle and interests and express your rich inner life through creative works and projects. Unfortunately, you sometimes lack the confidence and discipline to finish them.

Remember to focus on the journey, and to let go of results. What you create doesn’t determine your value or your identity. Channel your emotions and express them through your creation. If you could give a color/movement/shape to your feeling, what would it look like? Outside of your creative moments, make sure you spend time in nature and with friends to fill your well and replenish your inspiration.

You’re bringing some amazing gifts to this world, keep creating and connecting! You can totally trust in your execution skills.

Creative suggestion: Create a ritual to help you get in the mood for creativity, even when you don’t feel like it. Prepare a playlist, light up some candles and incense, stretch or dance before you start. Set up an intention for your creative practice, embrace the present and let go of expectations. Repeat the ritual every time you get ready to create.

Affirmation: “I focus on the joy of the journey”

Stretch your creative muscles by: making homemade paper - trying Kintsugi (the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with a mix of epoxy and gold powder)

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