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The Siren

You are adventurous, enthusiastic and charismatic, a seeker of freedom and happiness. You have a lot of energy, are curious and always looking to experience, feel and enjoy life at its fullest.

You’re a playful, imaginative and creative being, able to feel deep gratitude in all that life offers. You have a contagious sense of optimism, love to tell a good story and have multiple interests. On the downside, you can be disorganized, impatient or overly-impulsive.

When it comes to your creative process, you often stay stuck in the planning stage and because you don’t like repetitive tasks and projects, you tend to constantly start new ones. Make sure to slow down, and focus on silence and solitude when you want to finish a creative task.

You have so much to bring to the creative table. Your spontaneity, curiosity and playfulness are such useful skills when it comes to creating!

Creative suggestion: Stick to one project and develop one skill at the time. Choose quality over quantity and remember to focus on your goal. Try to reduce stimulation and sensory overload when you enter the creative space so you can concentrate on your task.

Affirmation: “It’s perfectly fine to commit to one idea at the time”

Stretch your creative muscles by: doing macrame - trying woodworking

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