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A First Process Video

After debating for a few days about whether or not I should keep blogging, switch to video content or try to keep up with both, I decided to at least try a first video.

A collector requested me to reproduce on paper a painting on canvas I did two years ago. She also asked me if I could document my process and I thought it was the perfect timing since I wanted to try filming the different steps of completing a painting for a first video.

I was able to capture three videos and took photos of the different steps to show her (and you!) the whole thing. It's a bit different than my usual process since I was reproducing an existing painting (and therefore knew exactly where I was going) but it was a good first experience and I learned the basics of video-making that I'm planning on using a lot more in the future.

So here's the final result. I would absolutely love your (honest) feedback about it - not about the painting in itself but about the video. Tell me if you like this voice-over formula, if you'd prefer only visuals, if time-lapse is a good idea... I want to hear you so I can make more of what you want and like!


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