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Life doesn’t always go the way you want it. It rarely does. Especially when you live with a chronic disease that comes uninvited when you least expect it.

That crap taught me so many things. Among them, take one day at the time, let go of your plans and accept what is. My year started with great goals and objectives, I was able to reach many in the first three months of 2017 and then… flare-up.

Being sick means being uninspired, unmotivated, unable to pick a brush on so many days. It also means your blog writing is put aside! And just when I started to get better, my computer died, Ramadan came, we moved and we travelled to Morocco.

New paintings series

I spent my summer walking on the beach, picking stones and seagrass and painting. The inspiration was totally there, I was highly productive and if, God willing, my health stays stable, I will be able to finish my year as I started it! I created a new series of 30 paintings called Cosmic Botanicals and it will be available on my shop on September 1st. I’m really happy with how these new pieces turned out, they are quite different from my previous work but with the same bright and bold colours you like and some recognizable patterns and strokes that are part of my signature.

What’s coming up

I'm hoping to get back to weekly blog writing and to get in touch with you through my Art Letter on a monthly basis. I’m considering offering some prints of my work and other goods such as phone cases, notebooks and cushions in a near future. My to-do list for September also includes making more live appearances on Facebook and Instagram, creating process videos and teaching my intuitive painting workshop.

But hey. That’s just my plan. Let’s see if this time it goes the way I want! What do you have in mind for Fall 2017? Do you still have a lot to do to reach your yearly goals?

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