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Celebrating Arts

The 5th annual Ras al-Khaimah Fine Arts Festival is taking place this week and for the second year one of my paintings was chosen for the exhibition.

I attended the Gala Dinner on Friday and had a good time meeting with other artists from all over the world now living in the emirate of RAK. For someone like me who wear stained clothes and slippers all day, the gala dress code was a real challenge! But it was really fun to dress up and pretend I was a star for one night.

The al-Qasimi Foundation, who organizes the event, announced at the dinner that they will open a new art space in the building of the Foundation. That's such good news, since there are no such space here in RAK. There's not event a single art gallery in our emirate! I can't wait to see what they will do with it, they mentioned art exhibitions and classes...

Tonight is the opening night at the National Museum but I wasn't able to attend - I'm hoping to visit the exhibition this week. I certainly don't want to miss it, so I can finally see all the amazing pieces that were selected this year! There will be paintings but also hotos and 3D pieces, displayed all over this amazing museum, which was originally a palace/fort built in the early 1800s. The place itself is worth visiting.

My selected painting from last year.

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