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Daily Inspiration

This week I wanted to write about the people that inspire me on a daily basis. And I'm not talking only about the great artists that live(d) on Earth. There are so many people who stimulate my creativity, motivate me and uplift my mood! Here are a few of those amazing humans who influence me and why they lift me up.

Jeanne Bessette

Jeanne is an artist and so much more than that. She's a Teacher, with a capital T. I'm part of a very special group she created on Facebook (and anyone can join - just sayin') where we discuss how important art is and why... She taught me that Art is Life and Life is Art, and I'm constantly learning about myself and about why I do what I do through her teachings. She's just an amazing, strong woman that has so much wisdom to share!

Tamara Gray

Anse Tamara is like a spiritual mother to me. Her journey as an American Muslim convert is highly inspirational and her dedication to

women's empowerment and female scholarship makes me want to study more and become a better person (and spend the rest of my life hanging with her!). She's my hero, my best model.

Gary Vaynerchuk

I've never heard anyone like him. I've never felt my butt being kicked so hard by a complete stranger. I sure don't have his ambition (he wants to buy the New York Jets) and his motivation (he works 18 hours a day) but he is really pushing me to work harder, do my stuff, be positive and grateful. He talks about many things that make sense to me and his energy is contagious! I admit I'm even being a little addicted to his videos!

My boys

My four sons motivate me to do my very best, every day. I want to show them we can do everything we want in life, incha'Allah, if we work hard and believe in ourselves. I want them to know we can be passionate and follow our dreams - and that they can come true!

The artist community

There are so many artists that inspire me on a daily basis, I cannot name them all here. Well-known and not, super talented or just starting, painters, writers, makers... Flora Bowley had a major impact on my decision to pursue my dream of becoming a painter and her words follow me everywhere: " be bold, be brave, let go..." Amira Rahim's work is influencing my palette, her journey as an artist is inspiring me to never give up. El-Seed is helping me change my perspective (on art and on the size of the work that can be done!).

*Special shout out to my Insta Pod peeps for their hard work that continually inspire me and motivate me to show up.*

What about you? Who, what is inspiring you to do what you do and to stay focused?

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