A few of my favorite things

A- Adam J Kurtz. I love his books, they are so fun!

B- Birds. Seeing and hearing them always bring some warmth inside.

C- Crochet. I'm kinda obsessed when I start.

D- Dark Chocolate

E- Exploration. I'm curious, and I love to go on a adventure - on the field or on the canvas, inside myself, in a bookstore or an archeological site...

F- Flora Bowley

G- Green Tea. I'm really picky on tea. I like quality, loose tea, preferably Japanese.

H- Humorous Humans. I love when others make me laugh.

I- Islam. Best thing that happened in my life. It litterally saved me.

J- Jellyfish. My favorite creature.

K- Kayak - or anything that will take me on the water.

L- Louis and Lise. My parents.

M- Mountains

N- Nature. I profoundly, intensely and passionately love nature.

O- Ocean

P- Patrick Watson

Q- Quran

R- Reading. Even if I rarely do so these days.

S- Sushis and Silence.

T- Travelling. Dreaming to see Australia, South Africa, Indonesia and to go back to Thailand.

U- United Arab Emirates. My new home.

V- Vanilla

W- Warden. My secret-not-so-secret favorite hideaway.

X- Xenium. It's supposed to mean "gift" :).

Y- Yoga

Z- Zipporah Lomax

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