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Through many years of teaching art and facilitating workshops, I've been able to witness, time and time again, the magic creativity practices create in people's life. I became more and more interested in helping participants use art to alchemize their emotions and find their own creative voice as a means of liberation and healing. Using automatic writing, intuitive painting, creative journaling and playful expression can lead to mind-blowing breakthroughs and transformation.

I'm presently working on a brand new offering that will combine all these tools and more to help you on your healing journey. There will most likely be one-on-one and group options, both face to face and virtual. I'm hoping to release the Creative Alchemy program in early 2024. If you would like to get updates make sure to sign up to my Insiders List.

Meanwhile, if you want to take part in a workshop, you can contact me to inquire about present offerings in Dubai. I also have a WhatsApp group and hold free monthly art coffee morning in Mirdif. You are welcome to join both!


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