February 19, 2017

The 5th annual Ras al-Khaimah Fine Arts Festival is taking place this week and for the second year one of my paintings was chosen for the exhibition. 

I attended the Gala Dinner on Friday and had a good time meeting with other artists from all over the world now living in the emirate of RAK. For someone like me who wear stained clothes and slippers all day, the gala dress code was a real challenge! But it was really fun to dress up and pretend I was a...

February 12, 2017

This week I wanted to write about the people that inspire me on a daily basis. And I'm not talking only about the great artists that live(d) on Earth. There are so many people who stimulate my creativity, motivate me and uplift my mood! Here are a few of those amazing humans who influence me and why they lift me up. 

Jeanne Bessette

Jeanne is an artist and so much more than that. She's a Teacher, with a capital T. I'm part of a very special group s...

February 5, 2017

One week ago today, a terrible event happened in my country. A crazy gunman entered a mosque in Quebec city and killed six men who were there to peacefully pray. Six fathers, six husbands, six sons. From what is being said about the shooter, it is clear that the attack was premeditate and the Muslim community was the target. The tragic news left me deeply wounded psychologically.  

With islamophobia and general intolerance towards "strangers" on t...

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